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Journal of Emerging Research and Solutions in ICT, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp: 59–67 (2016)

Software Learning System Based on Invariants in Computer Programming

Jordan Enev and Elena Somova

Abstract: The paper considers the idea about invariant teaching and learning of computer programming, independent of concrete programming language and version. Software system, built on the base of template algorithms (called invariants), is presented. 98 invariants are proposed for the course “Programming” from the bachelor degree programs at Plovdiv University, Bulgaria, and 44 invariants – for the course “Algorithms and Data Structures”. The proposed invariants are made till now with template codes on two programming languages (С# and Visual Basic) with more than 170 realizations in one language. The invariants are classified in 13 groups on the base of kinds of basic assignments (algorithms), which are solved during learning computer programming. The invariants have parameters of 5 types – variable, data type, random invariant, invariant from given list and invariant from given kind. Several levels of difficulty for solving of assignments are proposed. The system can be used as main learning resource in self-learning during resource in traditional learning.

Keywords: computer science, software learning systems, learning programming languages, invariant programming

DOI: 10.20544/ERSICT.01.16.P06

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How to cite this article: Enev,J.,Somova,E.:Software Learning System Based on Invariants in Computer Programming. Journal of Emerging Research and Solutions in ICT, Vol.1, No.1, 59–67 (2016). doi:10.20544/ERSICT.01.16.P06

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