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Journal of Emerging Research and Solutions in ICT, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp: 26–31 (2016)

Implementation of Augmented Reality in CAD Design

Andrijana Bocevska

Abstract: The visual representation of a product and the role of visualization have recently become a central issue in design research. By enhancing a real scene with computer generated objects, Augmented Reality (AR), has proven itself as a valuable Human-Computer Interface (HCI) in numerous application areas such as medical, military, entertainment and manufacturing. Also AR has potentials in design because the current interface provided by Computer-Aided Design (CAD) packages is less intuitive and reports show that the presence of physical objects help design. In this paper we proposed approach that user can create own 3D augmented reality scenes which enables interaction between real world and virtual object at the same time. For this purpose BuildAR software is applied using marker-based camera tracking and 3D object is obtained with standard CAD system SolidWorks.

Keywords: augmented reality, 3D CAD, marker

DOI: 10.20544/ERSICT.01.16.P03

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How to cite this article: Bocevska A.:Implementation of Augmented reality in CAD design. Journal of Emerging Research and Solutions in ICT, Vol.1, No.1, 26–31 (2016). doi:10.20544/ERSICT.01.16.P03

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