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Journal of Emerging Research and Solutions in ICT, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp: 17–25 (2016)

E-Learning Security Risks and its Countermeasures

Nguyen Huu Phuoc Dai, András Kerti , and Zoltán Rajnai

Abstract: E-learning, a novel way in the learning process that involves more interaction between the learners and teachers to some extent, in comparison to the traditional education. Moreover, it depends on the Internet technology and executes via web applications. However, network environment is a honey pot to attract many hackers and it may have some potential security risks such as: malicious attacks, hackers and so on. In addition, network security is one of the security issues of E-learning because it is usually concerns with the instructors, learners, trainers who cannot foresee the risks and know how to prevent the threats and the like. This study mainly focuses on the E-learning security issues and the countermeasures to deal with risks towards e-learning-system.

Keywords: e-learning security, information security, information security risks, countermeasures

DOI: 10.20544/ERSICT.01.16.P02

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How to cite this article: Huu Phuoc Dai,N., Kerti, A., Rajnai,Z.:E-Learning Security Risks and its Countermeasures. Journal of Emerging Research and Solutions in ICT, Vol.1, No.1, 17–25 (2016). doi:10.20544/ERSICT.01.16.P02

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